Our Mission

1. Our Motto

1 たゆみなき進化を — Evolve unceasingly.

2 勤勉で常に創造を — Always diligently create.

3 社外は誠実を — Sincere to outside company.

4 社内は調和を — Harmony to inside the company.

5 謙虚に反省を — Learn a lesson humbly.



2. Our Policy

1 Treasure a person

Based on the trust of people and people, we pursue the happiness of all people involved

In the company.

2 Treasure the customers

We have a appreciate always, we aim for our business that customers are pleased by anticipating needs by thinking in the customer's position.

3 Contributing to society

Contribute to society through traffic safety and facilitation of railway and road.



3. Managerial policy

1 Aim to the persistent solid management of stabilization and development of management.

2 Secure proper profit, perform a balance five reductions; Employees, Shareholder, Tax payment, Investment in the future and Contribute to the community.

3 Fulfill CSR and save compliance.

4 Aim a corporation that to be favored from industry and markets.

5 Adapting to environmental changes, aim to relevant diversification that is useful for society.



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